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Texas Grandmother Saves Toddler from Fire Ant Bites

Toddler Saved with Fire Ant Bite Bite Treatment

Mount Pleasant, Texas – August 21, 2012 – Robin Vaughn of Mt. Pleasant, Texas, a grandmother, saved her four year old grand-son who was stung by Fire Ants as he played

Fire Ant Bite

out in their yard last week with a new Fire Ant bite Treatment. Her family was very concerned about the possibility of the toddler having an allergic reaction as he came running toward the house covered in Fire Ants.

“The pain was immediate and intense”, as the toddler cried uncontrollably, stated Ms. Vaughn. Family members got the Fire Ants off and began application of ice on the stings, but to no avail.  That is when she tried a new product, Sting Zapper Fire Ant Bite Treatment with the thought that if it worked for fire ants, it would be a miracle. “Within minutes, the pain, swelling and crying had stopped, the burning and pain were subsiding and no blisters and pustules afterward…No one was worried about me needing a trip to the emergency room now”, she said.

The statistics are staggering; “Fire Ants will bite and sting more than 68 millions people many of which are young children”, says Larry Logsdon, President of Sting Zapper Company.  “There has not been an effective Treatment for  Fire Ant Bites available for home use that really worked, until Sting Zapper… the Best Medicine for Ant Bites”, said Logsdon.

Fire Ants are literally everywhere!  You cannot kill them, you can only control them, a little bit.  No matter what, they come back when you are not looking.  Fire Ants can be found in most yards, they are attracted to homes, dwellings and especially electrical equipment.  Fire Ants are very dangerous, as they pack a powerful bite and sting that, for some, can cause serious health problems, and their sting is very painful and usually leaves a nasty pustule which leaves a noticeable scar.

Fire Ant Bite Treatment that works!

Sting Zapper Fire Ant Bite Treatment

Sting Zapper Fire Ant Bite Treatment

Riverside based Sting Zapper Company has a formidable solution, Sting Zapper,  Treating

Fire Ant Bites.  Sting Zapper for Fire Ant Bites contains a blend of natural venom neutralizing enzymes together with pain relieving and cooling ingredients, with cleansing and healing Aloe Vera Gel to promote healing in a unique gel base that stops Bites From Fire Ants pain fast.  Sting Zapper Fire Ant Bite Treatment is OTC FDA listed  topical treatment that works!

“Millions of dollars of medical costs as well as lost time could be saved if more people knew about the goodness of Sting Zapper Fire Ant Bite Treatment“, said Logsdon.

Fire Ant Bite Treatment