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The Sting Zapper product soothes the pain of a jellyfish sting in about 10 minutes.
Staff, American Health Magazine
I would advise life guards to use Sting Zapper! products.. the other things we’ve tried are all symptomatic, whereas with Sting Zapper! products it’s almost automatically instant relief
County Beach Patrol Officer, Palm Beach (Florida)
Recently this summer my 4 year old grandson, while playing in the yard, unknowingly stepped in a fire ant hill. His feet were immediately covered with the ants. We heard his screams and rushed to brush off the ants. He is highly sensitive to insect bites and usually develops a severe reaction. We tried ice but that did not bring relief. We then decided to try something new … Sting Zapper. Almost instantly it relieved the burning, pain and itching. He did not even develop the white pustules from the stings, which is remarkable; it greatly reduced the possibility of an infection. Sting Zapper is a terrific product that we will keep on hand…
Robin Vaughn, Northeast Texas
Sting Zapper! products were found to be the most effective of the three agents tested in the reduction of pain
Dr. Bruce Halstead, Director, International Biotoxicological Center, World Life Research Institute

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